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Project Discovery
With product discovery, everything you can imagine is real at MLTech Soft. We love a challenge. We enjoy complex mobile and web development projects and tricky third-party software integrations.
Discovery Deliverables: Prototypes, Time and Cost Estimation, Product Requirements Document; Architecture documentation; Roadmap
Timeline: 2+ weeks
Project Discovery
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We transform bold business ideas into exceptional digital products.

Career Guidance App for LOF

Web, iOS, Android

LOF is a large dairy brand owned by the IDP international dairy joint stock company in Vietnam. MLTech Soft has created a clean, user-friendly interface mobile application with advanced career guidance tools, scientific tests, direct consulting tools, and more. We're developing phase 2 of this app. It is expected to launch in mid-2023.

Technology inside:

  • A personality test might help you find the ideal job.
  • A scientific test can help you achieve your skill development goals.
  • Engage with the Malto Community.
  • Digital Coach with professional consultants.
  • Be inspired and succeed with Lead with Lof

Education App for KUN

Web, iOS, Android

The Education App is designed for youngsters aged 5 to 11. In this application, children study Math using Khan Academy programs and English (Embassy Language), as well as accomplish good actions through a list of practical activities relating to their lives. Through a range of appealing game styles, the application stresses the criterion of learning and playing.

Technology inside:

  • Changes the way children learn and play by performing good deeds and participating in activities:
  • Motivate children to learn new knowledge by completing game challenges
  • Allows parents to accompany and share with their children through tracking tools
  • Create a world of growth and happiness with children: FAQs and live stream about how to raise children; a summary of children's feelings through emotion measure questions; interactive game

Digitizing your factory operations in the 4.0 era

Cross-platform Web, 3D Model

Digital Factory Operations System (DFOS) is a potent mix of BPM, RPA, IIOT, and AI. Our client's OEE was being recorded manually. They were not accessible in real-time, and the reliability was low.

Technology inside:

  • Business Process Management (BPM): streamline and automate workflows, reducing manual effort and improving accuracy.
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to automate data entry, reporting, freeing up human operators to focus on more complex tasks.
  • Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) to collect real-time data on equipment performance, production rates, and other KPIs
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): The DFOS may use AI to analyze the data collected by IIOT sensors and make recommendations for maintenance, process improvements, or other operational optimizations

Blockchain Ecosystem Development for KFIVE Project


The KFIVE Ecosystem is a trusted platform that provides participants with various applications based on the capabilities of KFIVE and blockchain technology.

Technology inside:

  • Auction of NLGST Buy NLGGT
  • Buy ownership of NLGDT
  • Exchange of NLGVT
  • Play coin exchange game in the form of MTC
  • Payment of NLGGT care and insurance costs

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