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Product Development

We got everything from Business Analysis to Design and Development within walls. By integrating business objectives with clever technical solutions, you're all the way to market.

Product Development Workflow


Set the Foundation





Stage 1 : Set the Foundation


Our team completes the roadmap and backlog, the release plan, Jira, and the first documentation (risk log, change log, demos plan).

Quality Assurance Guidelines

Our quality assurance engineers create a test plan, a test checklist, and test cases.

Environment Setup

Developers build up repositories, and servers, establish file systems and configure pipelines.

Managing the Risks Early

We have a dedicated risks log that we create on each project. We describe the ways to mitigate the risks and make sure they don't turn into reality.

Development Roadmap

A Gantt chart is used to depict a project timetable. This graphic acts as your project's development plan (along with timelines and milestones).

DevOps practices

  • Cloud Setup; CI/CD Setup; Database Management; Database Migration; Backups Setup; Cloud Price Management.

What we do during the development stage:

  • Building a convenient frontend for your app
  • Constructing reliable backend
  • Implementing DevOps practices
  • Refactoring (a process of restructuring existing computer code)
  • Performing high-load tests
  • Working and adjusting product architecture
  • Fixing Bugs

Best QA practices

Early in the project, we create a test plan, that includes all testing activities that we are about to perform. Here's what we do:

  • Smoke and functional tests each sprint
  • Regression testing at the end of each project
  • At least 1 week of bug fixing before the release

Stage 2 : Development

Work is split into sprints & milestones. After each sprint, we send reports and demos.

Stage 3: Release

We set up project information on stores and check whether the product meets Google Play/App Store requirements.

After final testing, we evaluate all activities that best fit the client's requirements. We deliver the system to clients for real-world use and deployment to end users.

Here's what we do at this stage:

  • Google Play/App Store requirements compatibility check
  • High-load tests
  • Regression testing
  • At least 1 week of bug fixing
  • Setting up production health check

Tech Stack

Products We Have Built

We helped LOF get 1,5M users and 1M+ downloads

The Career Application emphasizes both learning and playing through attractive game forms. It is built mainly for children from 5 to 11 years old. Through the world of growth and happiness with children, parents will be the ones accompanying the children, becoming the leaders, listening, sharing their feelings, and monitoring their children's activities every day.

Technologies inside:

  • A personality test might help you find the ideal job
  • A scientific test can help you achieve your skill development goals.
  • Engage with the Malto Community
  • Digital Coach with professional consultants
  • Be inspired and succeed with Lead with Lof

We changed the way children learn and play by performing good deeds and participating in activities

Motivate children to learn new knowledge by completing game challenges. Allows parents to accompany and share with their children through tracking tools Create a world of growth and happiness with children: FAQs and live stream about how to raise children; a summary of children's feelings through emotion measure questions; interactive game.

Technologies inside:

  • World of growth and happiness with children: FAQs and live stream about how to raise children; a summary of children's feelings through emotion measure questions; interactive game (funny questions, cleaning the house, feeding pets...)
  • The Good Study Kun World, the Good Work Kun World, the Cheerful Kun World, and the Activity Kun World to encourage learning and good work

Client's review


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