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Career Guidance App for LOF


Web, iOS, Android




How was the idea of ​​Lead with LOF born?

The COVID-19 epidemic has highlighted the significance of career counseling since many individuals have lost their jobs and require aid in choosing viable career possibilities in a labor market that has altered dramatically.

50% of all employees will need reskilling by 2025, as the adoption of technology increases (*WEF's Future of Jobs Report, 2020)

More than 60% of core skills will change between 2020 and 2025 (*WEF's Future of Jobs Report, 2020)

The great majority of company executives (94%) now expect that employees will learn new skills on the job (*Whiting 2021).

Here the idea was born

To develop a skill self-training application that will enable users to connect and share knowledge, discover themselves and succeed professionally in the future.

"Lead" implies continually motivating oneself to grow, and working hard in learning to produce outcomes for others and the environment.

"Lof" is a nickname for GenZ that represent the word "Love".


Why Lead with LOF?

Lead with LOF (LwL) helps to orient career that is appropriate for each item, orienting them to society's standard values, developing love, aiming for growth objectives, and building their destiny.

The Holland Code (RIASEC) Career Test

Lead with LOF integrates Holland codes which categorize people based on their interests to connect them with relevant occupations.

Digital Professional Consultants

Lead with Lof allows you to create a tight and enduring relationship with the counselor through weekly sessions, challenges, courses, live events, and individualized personal development objectives.

Malto Forum

With Lead with Lof Malto Forum, you can connect, discuss, and share your troubles with a community of over 500.000 individuals all over the world.

Career Bank

Lead with LOF help to master discovering a wide range of occupations that are a good fit for you.

The Approach

Project Estimation in Depth

To assist reduce expenses, we evaluated development costs and time per feature, as well as the burden of the team. In addition, we developed a bespoke project Roadmap as well as pessimistic and optimistic time scenarios to provide our customers with realistic periods.




Full-Stack Experts

To work on the Lead with Lof app, we hand-picked a specialized professional team that included a Project Manager, Business Analyst, Technical Leader, UX/UI Designer, Tester, and Developers.

What's inside Lead with Lof?

A personality test might help you find the ideal job

To determine which jobs are best for you, you must first establish your interest profile. Holland codes assist you in matching your interests with potential occupations.

A scientific test can help you achieve your skill development goals.

Each post-course test is scientifically prepared and matched to the user's personality and intended vocation.

Engage with the Malto Community

Share your knowledge with your peers all around the world by joining the Malto. community.

Digital Coach with professional consultants

Meetings, personal sharing, events, and courses provide one-on-one consultations with experts.

Be inspired and succeed with Lead with Lof

Users may access an inspiring material stream within the app to keep inspired during the workout. There are also other duties such as meditation, relaxation, and breathing to assist maintain work-life balance.



During the school deployment phase, the application received a lot of favorable feedback from parents and children. They enjoy the app's character design and the path to accomplish good actions.

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