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Maintenance and Support

Always supported, always stable! Just like human health, software product also requires regular maintenance. MLTech Soft will be the best "doctor" for your software, providing top-notch care!

Onboarding Activities

Onboarding activities build a strong foundation for effective maintenance, allowing the software product to adapt to changing requirements and technologies.

Knowledge Transfer

This step ensures that Maintenance Team has a deep understanding of the product's design and functionality to address issues more efficiently.

Issue Resolution & Documentation

After testing, we provide the most rapid issue resolution to prevent any new bugs, glitches, or performance errors from affecting user experience. Detailed documentation and report are also attached.

Ongoing Maintenance

In this stage, our team carries out Knowledge Services, System Upgrades & Updates, and Periodic Inspection & Reporting to ensure your software product operates smoothly and delivers optimal value to your users.


Your Trusted Team

With our meticulous maintenance, your product remains stable and says no to unexpected crashes and downtime.

Optimized Performance

Faster loading times, smoother interactions, and more efficient resource utilization.

Full Reporting

We will not hide secrets from one another. We report all changes, updates, bug fixes, and enhancements made during maintenance.

Quick Resolution

Instant support for quickly identifying, diagnosing, and resolving any technical issues.

Fixed Costs

We understand fixed costs. That is why everything is set and predictable.


We maintained a number of software products. We've done it before, and we can do it better this time.


per year

The product is developed by MLTech Soft

10 - 15% total of development cost

Maintain a product developed by us? It’s like a self-care routine!

per year

The product is developed by another team

$15.000 - $25.000

It depends on your requirements and the complexity of project.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. ​​How often will your product receive updates?
  • The frequency of updates depends on the nature of the enhancements and any emerging requirements.
2. Can you customize the service to fit your specific needs?
  • Absolutely. Our service can be tailored to align with your specific requirements!
3. How do you report issues or seek support?
  • Simply reach out to our dedicated team through any provided channels (email, phone, Whatsapp, etc).
4. How quickly can you expect issue resolution?
  • The response time depends on the severity of the issue, but we commit that the process will be as soon as possible!


Let's get to work

Describe your idea. The more details the better. Here's what will happen next:

  • We reply within 3 business hours
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  • Quote from MLTech Soft within 3 working days