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E-commerce Platform for Lothamilk


Web, iOS, Android


Food and Beverages


The development of a cutting-edge shopping app that facilitates convenient, low-cost, anytime-anywhere access for customers to wholesale and retail distributors and businesses. Lothamilk's willingness to help in exchange for special treatment at the company level.

Technology Inside:

  • Lothamilk's products are available for direct purchase by consumers.
  • Quickly sign up for Lothamilk Personal Agent. 
  • Cutting-edge sales tools that simplify product promotion, customer service, and sales management and reporting.

How has the use of new media affected retail business in Vietnam?

It is apparent that people's shopping patterns and behaviors have shifted from traditional consumption to online shopping activity on the Internet, notably during the COVID-19 epidemic. Technology (livestream, apps, TikTok clips, etc.) simplifies business. The need for independent workers is growing as a result of word of mouth.

Smartphone adoption has reached 93% among internet users.

57% of clients will be less than satisfied with a company whose website is difficult to use and view on mobile devices.

Stat Counter predicts that the use of mobile devices to make purchases, provide reviews, etc. will cut overall Internet traffic on desktop/laptop computers by 52%.

The majority of consumers, according to a January 2021 study of people aged 16–64 conducted by Live Internet Stats, will use information readily available at Website businesses and goods, in addition to traditional media like word of mouth, television, and movies.


A higher buy rate and more money for the business can be achieved with the help of proper support methods that make the process of completing the transaction easier.

A shopping app: Designed for consumers, prospective customer, and grocery stores who want to buy products from Lothamilk.

A website for consumers, prospective customers, independent sales agents, and supermarkets interested in purchasing Lothamilk Company goods.

A website for wholesalers to track inventory, place orders, and view client profiles.

A website for Lothamilk administrator, in charge of overseeing the whole breadth of the project's operations.



Individuals, families, and businesses are defined as consumers since they are the ones that buy and use Lothamilk products in their daily lives.

Prospective customer

Prospective customer is the one who has visited the Lothamilk shopping platform but has not yet completed a purchase after providing their contact information.

Sales Agent & Personal Agent

Sales agent and Personal Agent have an enticing commission scheme based on their own sales efforts and network expansion downline business network, and they also get to use the company's products and services for personal use.

Grocery Store

Grocery stores are on the list of those who distributors and Lothamilk take care of.


Wholesalers act as middlemen between the Lothamilk, Grocery stores and Sales agents.


Collaborators work as go-betweens, taking orders from independent contractors. They handle and ship out orders by importing products from wholesalers.

Online wholesaler

An online wholesaler acts as a go-between for the consumers and prospective customers, taking their orders and updating their order status.

Company Admin

A company admin has ultimate control yet additionally bears the full responsibility for any issues that may arise. They have access to view system performance and user analytics reporting and analytics tools.



Payment invoices for Sales Agents

Each invoice includes detailed pricing information such as product prices, discounts, promotions, and delivery costs.

Adaptive couponing system

In order to broaden the distribution network and boost sales, sales agents may be free set their own prices within the allowed range.

Promotions Campaign Integration

Promotions can be applied to invoices on a case-by-case basis, with the amount applied depending on the agent's offer.

Sales Agent Income Calculation

After applying discounts, commissions, and other fees, the system will automatically calculate the final sales and sales profit for each completed order. The sales progress and efforts of individual agents may be tracked in detail through the export of sales and profit data, making it simple to formulate an appropriate sales strategy.


"We liked their professionalism. We were very happy with them. They were always responding on time, helping us to understand many things that we had no idea about."

Mr. Que - Chief Executive Officer at Lothamilk